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What are VALUES?

Quoting Russ Harris (ACT Made Simple, 2009), he said that: ‘Values are statements about what we want to be doing with our life: about what we want to stand for, and how we want to behave on an ongoing basis. They are leading principles that can guide us and motivate us as we move through life’.

In other words, values refer to principles that are important to you; what gives you meaning and purpose. In order to live by these values, you need to take committed action (as Wellness Coaches guide their clients to do) in order to live a rich and full life.

Examples of values could include being loving and caring; giving; sharing; contributing; being fit and healthy, having social connections; being generous and honest.

Think about this scenario: a woman recently discovered she is infertile so can’t have children. She ruminates about this fact and cannot come to terms with her pain. She dreams about babies during her work hours and has withdrawn from others due to her grief/pain. How can she resolve this? How can she live her life without making herself always miserable? She’d really like to have a child but it’s out of her control.

Firstly, she might need counselling to face the pain and validate her feelings. If she decides she doesn’t need Three, then she needs to do the following:

1/ Accept her situation, knowing she has no control over the situation;

2/ Focus on her VALUES: this means that she might wish to nurture others or connect with those who are vulnerable and innocent. Having children would have fulfilled these values, but as she’s infertile, she needs to find other ways to fulfil those values.

3/ Take Committed Action.

This woman can live by her values by volunteering in a workplace where she’s working with children. This would fulfil the value of ‘being nurturing’ and ‘helping others.’ She could change jobs and train to be a Child-Care Worker or Primary School Teacher. She could work with disadvantaged youths or adults to fulfil her value of ‘social connection’ and ‘helping others.’

The idea behind this scenario is that a focus on VALUES can identify what is important in your life. Values will determine how you will live your life, and what action steps you need to take.

A focus on values can cater to a deep need and help you focus on your passion.

Identify your own values and once you do that, take action to reach your goals.

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So what are your VALUES, or what is important to you?

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