Courtesy of Yaksheeta Sri

Spiritual well-being encompasses a belief in something greater than yourself. It is distinct from the body – an ethereal part of us, also known as the soul. Spiritual well-being embodies who you are and who you’re meant to be. By living with purpose and meaning, you can live a full, rich, and meaningful life (as ‘Russ Harris’ stated to refer to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

Finding spirituality through suffering may occur when someone you love suddenly dies. Initially, there is grief and severe distress, but once you resolve the grief you might learn something from your suffering. It may lead to your calling or invite you to live a certain way. When my ten-week-old son died, it led me to help others who had experienced grief and loss of a loved one.  For this reason, I decided to study psychology at a post-graduate level and later furthered my studies to specialise in grief and loss counselling. I realise now that helping others grieve is part of my calling and has led to my personal growth and resilience. My suffering gave me meaning, and this is known as posttraumatic growth.

Another example of post-traumatic growth is when a mother loses a son in a drink-driving accident. As a result of this tragedy, the parent grieves. Once the grief is resolved and the mother is finally ready to move forward, she may become involved in campaigns to prevent drink-driving. She might decide to educate the public about the dangers of reckless driving. This mother discovered her calling after a tragic accident, and has the opportunity to save others from dying as a result of drink-driving.

Spirituality is about living with purpose and being true to yourself. You align yourself with your values and beliefs. For example, if you love connecting with people, but work in a position that’s isolating, you are not living a spiritual and purposeful life. It’s important to acknowledge your value of connecting with others. Its important to be true to yourself.

I meditate, recite affirmations, live by my values and beliefs, pray, write in my journal,  read oracle cards, and engage in kind acts to strengthen both my internal and external connections.

In summary, spirituality is about finding your deeper purpose in life; having a vision and aligning yourself with your values.  Spirituality is about living a full, rich, and meaningful life. What is your spiritual role?