Do you love helping people but find yourself prone to burnout and anxiety?

Does the anxiety and difficulty juggling things cause you to withdraw and feel like every little thing is too hard and overwhelming?

Would you like to avoid burnout, find more time for yourself, and be more creative in your life?

Do you journal as a way to manage your stress and reduce anxiety?

We can have a 15-minute session to explore your needs and wants around reducing anxiety and discover your greatest desires. You’ll walk away with an inspiring vision and some strategies on how to work towards your dream.

If you decide to continue on with my other coaching packages, we can identify together what you’d need to do to get to your vision by identifying your strengths, motivations, obstacles, doubts, and goals. Will you join me in this venture?

We can also explore tools and resources such as inspiring information or fact sheets,  websites, books, reflective journal writing, and my own self-published books on career guidance, stress management, anxiety, and resilience.

If you enjoy reflective journal writing, reflect on the following questions:

Does journal writing help you to reduce anxiety? How does it help?

Does journal writing help with stress management? How does it help?

Does journal writing help you to come up with solutions or help you reflect on things more deeply?


1/ A FREE 15- minute vision session by telephone to explore whether we could work well together.

2/ 1- 2 sessions of one hour at $100 each.

3/ A Six Week Program of one hour at a discount of $550.

Coaching sessions can be either by telephone, Skype, or Face to Face (if you are local to my area).

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I specialize in mental health and personal issues, including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger management, stress management, and career guidance. My approaches include: cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and client-centered counselling.

I also practice clinical hypnosis for anxiety, stress management, behavioral change, and relaxation (for local Melbourne residents only).

$100 per hour.

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