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Would you like to delay health risks with age? How – you ask?

By improving your memory and stimulating the brain, that’s how.

I know that personally, I feel my memory declining with age. I’d love to have strategies to improve my memory and use the brain to its optimal level. I never like my brain to go stale so I read a lot, do puzzles, engage in ongoing professional development, and increase my knowledge in the area of writing, marketing, technology, and blogging. I never stop learning, and you shouldn’t either.

According to Dr Stephen Brewer (a medical director), using two senses can improve memory. He stated that smell is the most powerful sense to stimulate memory.

You need to stimulate the brain, otherwise, you can make it go stale. As the saying goes, ‘use it or lose it.’ Some ways to improve our minds and memory, according to Dr Brewer is to play Sudoko or engage in crossword puzzles, which can enhance intelligence and prevent Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia (Archives of Neurology source).

Dr Brewer further states that you can stimulate your brain by using your opposite hand when brushing your teeth or talking to yourself. This not only enhances memory but can also delay health risks.

Here are strategies that Dr Brewer mentions to help engage the attention of the brain:

  • Turn pictures upside down in your home or on your desk. This act forces your brain to notice the small details.
  • Stimulate your senses in your daily routine. For example, when you dress, close your eyes or select clothing based on texture and not how they appear.
  • Stimulate your senses by leaving cooked vanilla beans in your bedroom or in the kitchen overnight. This can improve your sense of smell the following day.
  • Use your other hand to brush your teeth to stimulate the brain and improve creativity.
  • Meditation can help to improve memory and prevent mental illness.
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours to assist with memory.
  • Remember your favourite place (the beach or a childhood home) and imagine you’re there. You can also find new places to help create memories.
  • Thinking out loud or talking to yourself can improve memory temporarily. According to the ABC News, talking to yourself increases the likelihood of finding things you’ve lost.

The mind strategies that I use include:

  • focusing on details when washing the dishes or preparing a meal (mindfulness strategies).
  • mindful walking where I focus on my legs or arms to feel completely present in the experience.
  • taking a different route to learn a new way of getting home.
  • reading educational books and relating them to my own life (applied learning).
  • doing crossword puzzles and watching game shows.

In conclusion, specific tactics can improve memory and stimulate the brain. Research supports these strategies, and has shown to apply to Alzheimers too. You can age well by applying the strategies mentioned above.

I would therefore, like you to take action by applying a few of these strategies. What have you go to lose (not your brain, surely)?