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First and foremost, I enjoy helping others, connecting with others, and offering wisdom and guidance.

How can you create your own well-being?

It’s about following your own passion to create your ideal self.

If you list how this passion rewards you, and outline what your passion allows you to do, then this will inspire you to follow that passion and set small steps/goals to achieve it. You abide by your values, strengths, and skills.

The crux of it is, that if you want something badly enough, only you have the power to achieve it. No-one else can change your life but YOU.

I tried publishing with traditional publishers a number of years ago but didn’t succeed, as one publisher that did accept my work eventually became bankrupt. I decided to publish independently and didn’t let that obstacle stop me from achieving my dream.  Consequently, my dream became a reality.

I wanted to work in my own private practice and took small steps to achieve this. I didn’t let any obstacles such as fear stop me.

I wanted to get into non-fiction writing and blogging, and I was able to achieve this in spite of my fear.

Focus on the big picture to get you through your fears. Imagine how this change will impact you to create the changes you want.

In conclusion, creating a VISION is about REWARD and MINDSET, and discovering the rewards and benefits of your passion and ideal self. Holding that vision in your mind is important.

A Question for YOU!!

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