Courtesy of Martyn Starkey

I recently had shoulder surgery, and this has impacted my ability to work on my writing. I have had to reduce my workload at home and am still in recovery mode. It’s been quite frustrating not to have the full capacity to cook, clean, or work on my love of writing. My routine has changed so I’ve had to rely on my family to help with daily routine, driving, and other basic chores.

In spite of this frustrating time and sense of helplessness, I know there are positives in this change of routine. It’s a time to reflect and take a back seat to life when I know that in the long-term things will improve. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

So what are the benefits to a change of routine? Especially when you don’t particularly like change?

I’ve had the time to reflect on these benefits (mentioned below) and hope they inspire you to look positively at any change presenting with short-term pain for long-term gain.

Benefits of Change

  • You have the time to reflect and process on how your life is going.
  • You have the time to rest and recover if the change is about an injury or negative circumstance.
  • You enlist the support of others.
  • You have a chance to set new goals for a changing future.
  • You can connect more closely with family and friends.
  • You can gain new insights and perspectives about your future vision.
  • You learn new ways of doing things if you are physically incapacitated, allowing you to be resourceful and creative.
  • You have a chance to catch up on lighter duties (e.g. paying bills, sorting out clutter etc).
  • You can focus on what’s important in your life, and set small goals to achieve.

Generally, there are usually benefits to change of routine. If you like control, change can be hard as it throws your life upside down. You feel helpless as external circumstances are out of your control. All you can do is be ‘accepting’ of the situation and find more resourceful ways to manage the change. You are not alone, so be open to the support of loved ones.

Are you currently experiencing a change of routine? How are you managing this change? Please comment below.