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My author branding and work as a counselor/coach are a part of my wellness in life. First and foremost, I enjoy helping others, connecting with others, and offering wisdom and guidance. I like to inspire, educate, and entertain through my work as a fiction and non-fiction writer.

I love to help and guide others in my work as a counsellor and coach, both in my private and government roles.

So how can you create your own wellness?

That’s easy!

You can create your own wellness by following your passion to create your ideal self, that’s how.

If you list how this passion can reward you and what your passion allows you to do, then this will inspire you to follow that passion and set small steps and goals to achieve it.

Building a Vision:

A vision is a long-term area of change or something that you would like further down the track. In other words, it’s about creating wellness and about wanting something that really matters to you.

The crux of it is, that if you want something badly enough, only you have the power to achieve it. No-one else can change your life but YOU.

You need to ask yourself what you’d like in one area of change. Why is this change important? What else might change if you achieved this desire? Consider what the obstacles might be and create strategies to overcome them. Think about your strengths. Believe in yourself by believing that you can create this change (self-efficacy is necessary for the change).

A Vision Statement Example:

‘I would like to increase my energy levels day to day, so I can achieve more things, be a good role model for my children, and have a calm approach to things (why). The greatest obstacle is my difficulty sleeping. If I can change my hectic routine, I might improve my chances for sleep (broad area of change). My strength is that I am persistent as I never give up throughout a challenge.’

Looking at the example above, you mention WHAT you’d like, WHY you’d like this area of change, the OBSTACLE to overcome, and you focus on a STRATEGY and your STRENGTH. You can consider setting goals at a later time.

The point of all this is that a structure by the use of a vision statement helps you to simplify your future goal. By writing things down, it makes your desire clear and manageable.

In conclusion, creating a VISION is about REWARD (why you’d like to achieve something) and MINDSET (self-efficacy). It’s about creating an ideal self. Holding that vision in your mind is important.

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