My blogs focus on mental and spiritual holistic health, and each week I enjoy writing a new piece to inspire and educate the community. That’s why I was inspired to self-publish another non-fiction book focusing on holistic spiritual and mental health.

The book is divided into three areas of wellness:

Self-care, Resilience, and Creativity.

Each part is then divided into other areas of wellness under each of these three parts, including the following areas:

Self -care –  relaxation, work/life balance, time management, goal setting, anxiety and stress, and grief.

Resilience – gratitude, self-compassion, positivity, strengths, new habits.

Creativity – journal/expressive writing, and spirituality.

I also have a chapter on wellness coaching so as to educate the community about this form of guidance. It discusses having a vision or a future ideal self and setting goals and plans.

With each area of wellness, I have a focus on the theory based on facts and research, my own personal process (what worked for me), reflection and discussion questions, and exercises for you to try out.

I incorporated some of my blog articles into this book, but they have been tweaked and refined by an editor. It is my hope that this book will inspire you to practice wellness and incorporate the exercises that I’ve described.

To check out my book, here are the links to the following online retailers:;jsessionid=038B4CC171222B6AF12ADC7AE2FF0AFC.prodny_store02-atgap03?ean=2940154272978


Stay well!