Courtesy of animateHer

Can you be both pleasure-seeking and purpose-seeking?

Yes! You can use strategies that use both simultaneously, and that’s called Creativity.

Creativity is something you do that challenges you and allows you to learn even when something is familiar to you. It’s about creating something new that reduces stress and gives you a balance between purposeful activity and enjoyment.

When creativity has a deadline, you might find that the more you focus, the more difficult it is to come up with new ideas. What you can do is relax the mind and let your mind wander. You can focus on exploring with the spirit and entering a relaxed state.

Getting into nature can nurture creativity and relieve stress. Nature can put you in touch with sensory and intuitive experiences, allowing ideas to flow and the mind to relax.

Creativity for me is about closing my eyes and getting into a meditative state without focusing too much on the task at hand. Or I might get on with another task, and then an idea pops into my head. It’s that simple because you’re not straining your brain and creating more stress by coming up with ideas.

Creativity is about challenge and learning. It’s about stretching your capabilities to go further with new ideas and possibilities in whichever domain of life. Some people find pleasure in creating, and that might include aesthetics, arts/crafts, sensory experience (pottery, sculpture, etc.) while others may need to use creativity in a purposeful way, such as in business.

Wellness coaching is about balancing passion with purpose to ultimately lead to meaning and a vision.

Think about what gives you creativity. Is it nature, classical music, meditation, journal writing, spirituality, etc? How can you nurture creativity? What gives you ideas, purpose, and flow?