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Writing in its many forms can be cathartic; whether it’s journalling, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, writing about grief, and keeping a book of ideas.

I write fiction novels, short stories, novellas, and non-fiction books. During my writing process, I find it cathartic as I release any tensions, particularly in problem-solving and my need for control. In fiction writing, I experience a world of possibilities and am able to travel to worlds I’ve never before experienced. I can overcome conflicts with a villain, and I can overcome any issues of trauma and pain. As a character grows, I also grow throughout the story and have developed (along with my character) as a result of tragic circumstances.

Writing inspires and stimulates my right brain (creative, fun, imagination) and draws out ideas to solve problems and create an authentic plot. I draw on my experiences, knowledge, and imagination to write, and the well is never dry for any of us. It’s a matter of igniting the subconscious or deeper parts of ourselves that arise in dreams, via intuition, or a gut feeling. I make sense of the world via fiction writing and go on a journey with my characters. I release emotions and feel better about it.

I get into a meditative space to get deeper within myself to access ideas, memories, and imaginative scenarios.

What was especially cathartic for me and as a way for me to cope, was when my son died at ten weeks of age. I wrote his unpublished biography as it helped me deal with my grief. I wanted to honour his short life and pay tribute to the joy he brought into our lives. His biography helped me to accept his death during the darkest moment in my life.

Writing in a moment of grief is effective. It allows you to express dark emotions and sadness, providing a cathartic effect.

Writing to concretise ideas is helpful, as the abstract (an idea in the mind) becomes concrete (written on paper). The idea becomes real in its concrete form. Writing down an idea can help you to keep it in memory, more so than keeping an idea simply in your mind where it can easily float away.

Generally speaking, writing for different purposes can release a lot of tension and help you come to terms with grief, sustain ideas, and go on a journey with your characters (if you write fiction). Will you join me in these writing ventures?

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