Holistic Spiritual and Mental Health

  My blogs focus on mental and spiritual holistic health, and each week I enjoy writing a new piece to inspire and educate the community. That's why I was inspired to self-publish another non-fiction book focusing on holistic spiritual and mental health. The book is divided into three areas of wellness: Self-care, Resilience, and Creativity. [...]

Questioning Your Anxiety

  Courtesy of Tarun Kotz (Reflections) Anxiety can be a treatable condition and managed in a way that doesn't interfere with general daily functioning. Mind over matter is a very powerful thing, particularly when choosing to look deeper within yourself by asking profound, thought-provoking questions. Words associated with anxiety include 'scared, shy, panicky, and insecure.' [...]

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Big Picture vs Detailed Thinker

Courtesy of Rose Do you tend to perceive your environment as a whole or do you focus on the smaller details in your environment? When you focus on the whole rather than the details, you are most likely a Big Picture Thinker. However, when you perceive the smaller details and specifics, you are most likely [...]

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How Resilient Are You?

Courtesy of pergi28 Challenges and change are both a part of life. You might have experienced the death of a cherished family member or friend, the loss of a job, a debilitating health crisis, or a traumatic event. We all react differently to these events, some more emotional than others. However, most people usually adapt well [...]

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Three Strategies To Getting What You Want

Courtesy of  Willoughby00 I recently listened to an audio file by Marie Forleo who is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur and hosts a show about building a business and positive mindsets. She is a great motivator and speaker with a broad range of artistic and creative experiences behind her. The file spoke about the three strategies required to reach [...]

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A Vision or Mindset for Positive Change

Courtesy of Nick Twyford Creating a vision is about having the sense that things aren't right in your life. You have a clear image of a better way of living, and you create strategies to reach that vision. By moving forward towards your vision, you need to act continuously and with intent to achieve your [...]

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Graded Exposure to Anxiety

Courtesy of odpmedic Avoidance of anxiety-arousing activities can serve to maintain anxiety, which is why graded exercises that expose you to small steps, will eventually give you the confidence to combat more difficult tasks. Graded exposure is useful for specific phobias, and is a way to practise your coping skills for anxiety, such as breathing, [...]

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Functional and Dysfunctional Anxiety

 Courtesy of Marie-ange Anxiety is part of being human. It motivates you to perform and allows you to adapt to changes (The Home Therapist, Dr. Matthew Bambling, Mental Health Issues, 2012). Being anxious is a signal that something is wrong, so you do something to keep safe and protect you from harm. For instance, feeling anxious [...]

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Common Responses to Trauma

Courtesy of Eera Photography What is Trauma? The American Psychiatric Association (APA,2000) defines a trauma as a - direct personal experience of an event that involves actual or threatened death or serious injury, or other threat to one's physical integrity; or witnessing an event that involves death, injury, or a threat to the physical integrity [...]

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Grief and Loss

Courtesy of porcelaindoll13 Traditionally, Grief and Loss is connected to Death. Specifically, Grief refers to an individual's response and reaction to a loss (Doka, 1989). Grief is energy - an emotional response to loss. Loss, on the other hand, has a broader definition and doesn't only refer to Death. It refers to deprivation or no [...]

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