Inspiring Change

  Courtesy of Bradi You might be one of many people living in a way that doesn’t make you feel satisfied. You might crave for more meaning and substance in your life but don’t know where to start. More specifically, you might be at a stage in your life when you think about what more [...]

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The Secret Sauce to Happiness

Courtesy of jaywillis1 Routine and day to day tasks are habitual and can become mundane. Life can become stale, filled with boredom and monotony. You wonder what you have to look forward to when everything is the same. Life can be different. New research in happiness shows that our current circumstances can have a routine [...]

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Meditate Your Stress Away

  Courtesy of Q8TiLiCiOuS Meditation is a process whereby you sit in a quiet place and still the mind with an anchor such as breathing or a mantra (e.g. ‘OM’). It is a way to manage stress and is also used for relaxation purposes. Meditation can be intimidating for those who feel they can’t sit [...]

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Don’t Worry Your LIfe Away

Courtesy of Shannon4462 When you are under stress, you tend to worry and ruminate about things that may be out of your control. Worrying is about regurgitating thoughts over in your mind and obsessing over there being a negative result. You envision all the bad things that can go wrong, and in turn, this reduces [...]

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Controlling Your Stress

  Courtesy of Smithjhon Stress is a well-known factor in life that you can't avoid, but there are ways to manage it so you don't burn out and become physically or mentally unwell. Firstly, you need self-awareness in relation to physical symptoms (tight neck, back pain, tiredness stomach ache etc), behavioural symptoms (emotional eating, fist [...]

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Ten Tips to Work Smarter, Not Harder

  Courtesy of benholfield It’s great to be busy and feel like you’re accomplishing things. You can have energy when you’re busy, but when you fill your life with too many responsibilities, you're more likely to feel overwhelmed, burnt out, and with too few energy reserves. Sometimes, you like to keep busy as a way [...]

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Struggling To Say ‘No’ To Others

Courtesy of julsatmidnight You’re swinging your arms,  hear the screams of your two-year-old daughter, smell the burning sauce on the stove, and put your friend on hold on the phone for the third time. You turn off the stove, reach out to your daughter and keep her busy with a crayon and paper. You then [...]

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The Pursuit & Joy of Happiness

  Courtesy of amit317 What exactly is Happiness? Martin Seligman defined Happiness as being divided into three ways: a/ A positive emotion and satisfaction (the pleasant life); b/ Engagement (the engaged life); c/ Meaning (the meaningful life). Recent research by Martin Seligman and others (2005) found that the happiest people were those who applied all [...]

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The Importance of Values

  Courtesy of Doug.Mall What are VALUES? Quoting Russ Harris (ACT Made Simple, 2009), he said that: 'Values are statements about what we want to be doing with our life: about what we want to stand for, and how we want to behave on an ongoing basis. They are leading principles that can guide us [...]

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Preventing Mental Illness

Courtesy of United Nations Photo This article discusses the prevention of mental health, the factors that increase the likelihood of developing mental illness, and posttraumatic stress disorder in particular. Maintaining positive psychological well-being includes preventing unneeded stress. Stress can cause severe mental health conditions. For instance, if you feel down because you recently separated from [...]

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