New Year Resolutions

    Courtesy of frogdog It’s that time of year again! The time to be pondering goals in the New Year during or after the holidays in the summer of Melbourne. It's a time of carefree splendour, reflections, introspection, and setting out on a new journey or staying on the same path. Personally, for me, [...]

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Living Your Ideal Life

  Courtesy of maryclaire roman It's easy to go along with life blindly, without thinking too much about where you're at. There's no time to think about whether you're living your ideal life or whether you're being blown into a multitude of directions by the wind of life. You get pulled in many directions, with [...]

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Is Your Life Doing You Damage?

Courtesy of blues4pablo On my ten-day meditation retreat, I learned about Buddhist principles that relate to daily life and a spiritual path. I had learned about these principles many years ago, and more recently had revisited these concepts via the meditation retreat. S.N. Goenka, a Buddhist teacher who teaches the Vipassana technique (via DVD and [...]

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The Journey of a Ten-Day Meditation Retreat

Courtesy of Souren 72 (in London) I attended a ten-day meditation retreat in Woori Yallock (which is 16 kilometres from Healesville) from the 6th December until the 17th December 2017. This blog post will give you a run-down of the retreat and discuss the benefits and challenges, as well as who the retreat is suitable [...]

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Ten Tips to Managing Stress Before Christmas

  Courtesy of Livin' Spoonful Do you get overwhelmed and anxious as the year draws to a close? Do you panic that you won’t get everything done by Christmas each year? Do you dread the crowded shopping centres? Never fear, for there is a multitude of ways to manage this stress at the busiest time [...]

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My Cathartic Release of Writing

Courtesy of o.vm Writing in its many forms can be cathartic; whether it's journalling, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, writing about grief, and keeping a book of ideas. I write fiction novels, short stories, novellas, and non-fiction books. During my writing process, I find it cathartic as I release any tensions, particularly in problem-solving and my [...]

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Forgiveness Strategies

  Courtesy of stayseas2001 Pain or hurt inflicted by others can be a challenge to overcome. You've lost trust in that person, or maybe people in general. You might struggle to concentrate as your mind keeps ruminating about the pain. It's hard for you to let go, and relationships are impacted. Forgiveness is a way [...]

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Holistic Spiritual and Mental Health

Would you like to build resilience and creativity by conquering anxiety and managing stress? Would you like to conquer holistic spiritual and mental health? If your answer to those questions is yes, then that's the subtitle and title of my latest non-fiction book that tackles the following topics: Self-Care Resilience Creativity And Wellness Coaching The [...]

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The Inner World of Dreams

  Courtesy of Bilal Ulker The way the unconscious mind speaks to the conscious mind or ego is in the world of dreams when you sleep. In dreams, you have the language of symbols. The Benefits of Dreams As dreams express the unconscious mind, there’s a wealth of learning. You can identify conflicts and ideas [...]

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Take Back Control & Get Organised

Courtesy of reed photo Loss of control and lack of personal organisation has a tendency to create stress. What you need to get that sense of control is to reorganise your life. Productivity is about planning and setting goals, so the first step is to identify where you are in your life at present. Here is a [...]

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