When was the last time you took a meaningful look at your career and lifestyle, including work-life balance? As a registered counselor focusing on vocational rehabilitation, Lucy Appadoo will guide you along the path to a more satisfying career and life. You’ll gain insights into how to attain career fulfillment, overcome stress, and create a healthy work-life balance within a holistic framework. Relevant exercises and guidelines will help you cater to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, enabling you to learn what gives you meaning, joy, fulfillment, and purpose in life. Most important, you’ll develop the necessary self-awareness to identify your values and create a long-term vision for your life, helping you reach your full potential!

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After an introduction about the reading culture, this reading journal offers many pages for keeping a record of all the fiction and nonfiction books you’ve read and wish to read next.

Each section begins with an inspiring quote followed by prompts to help you write about a book you want to remember. The categories include plot, genre, character profiles, learnings/reflections from the book, how the story relates to your own life, other books you’d like to read by the author, and a review of the book.

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Do you crave health and wellness? Do you love helping people but find yourself prone to burnout and anxiety? Do you desire more time for yourself and wish to be more creative and resourceful?

In Holistic Spiritual and Mental Health: Your Guide to Building Resilience and Creativity by Conquering Anxiety and Managing Stress, Lucy Appadoo provides theoretical details and practical techniques to help you with self-care, resilience, and creativity. You will also learn how a wellness coach can help you increase health and wellness.

You will find out how to:

enjoy relaxation, have work/life balance and time management, set goals, increase mental health, and manage grief and stress, have gratitude, practice self-compassion, enhance positivity, identify strengths, create new habits, enjoy journal/expressive writing and explore spirituality.

Download ‘Holistic Spiritual and Mental Health’ Ebook