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I’m Lucy, a Counsellor and Writer of two self-published novellas and a short story. I am currently in the process of writing a non-fiction book about career guidance and coaching in the context of holistic spiritual and mental health well-being.

Are You Having Mixed Feelings (Decisions)?

Image courtesy of Phillip Keefe Ambivalence is a term that means having 'mixed feelings' or feeling torn between different sides of a situation. There's a deeper part of you that may be frightened of change, but another part of you knows that it may be a necessary change that will help you grow on a [...]

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Draw Meaning From Suffering

Courtesy by Michael Vesia I watched the program, Sunday Night which featured a story about a young woman who was run down by the so-called terrorist Truck Driver in Nice, France at the parade on Bastille Day on the 14th July 2016. More than 80 people died, and some appear to be missing. A resilient [...]

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Journal Yourself to Wellness.

(Image Courtesy of ainjhel21) My experiences with a journal include reflecting on daily events in a diary notebook (reflective journal), listing at least three things I'm grateful for at the end of the day (gratitude journal) and recording my dreams (dream journal). What is a Journal? A journal is a record of your thoughts, feeling, [...]

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The Power of Positive Emotions

Courtesy of Positively Present Are you a positive person, always looking at things optimistically or are you more of a pessimist, always looking at things negatively? I know that I tend to have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts, and a one-off positivity ratio test (to be explained further down below), showed that I had [...]

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Self-Compassion (Reflections – Part Two)

Courtesy of juliejordanscott In the previous blog post, I explained self-compassion as a way of being kind and gentle with yourself whenever you make a mistake or notice your weaknesses. In this blog post, I continue with more exercises to increase self-compassion. I feel this is essential for happiness and general well-being, and the tasks [...]

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Reflections on Self-Compassion (Self-Compassion Series)

  Courtesy of 365 days of self-compassion Self-compassion, as discussed by Kristin Neff, is about being kind and gentle with yourself when making mistakes or noticing personal flaws. Rather than criticising and judging yourself for weaknesses, you are understanding and gentle with yourself. You treat yourself the way you'd treat a good friend. Practising self-compassion [...]

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Using Strengths to Increase Happiness

Courtesy of Israel DeAlba After completing Martin Seligman's 'Values in Action' (VIA) Strengths Survey online at http://http// I got my top five character strengths. This website takes you to a FREE strengths survey with free registration. Before I get into how these strengths relate to me life, I'd like to give a quick summary of Seligman's VIA [...]

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Can You Be Happier?

  Courtesy of love_spydermonkee When I have a bad day, and my mind ruminates about the worst possible scenarios in the day, I know I have to change my state of mind. I might be thinking, "I can't believe I made that mistake," then it leads on to other negative thoughts; hence creating a chain [...]

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Nine Ways to Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Courtesy of Little Thoughts (Here's some self-esteem in a four-letter word) What is Self-Esteem? Self-esteem is the way we view and think about ourselves. We place a value of worth on ourselves or parts of ourselves. Your self-esteem may be low or high. You might question yourself and ask, how would I describe myself? What [...]

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Courtesy of the_trace I get probably 6-7 hours sleep a night, and I wonder if it's even quality sleep. There are times I'll get less than 6-7 hours. When this happens, I'll feel tired by the afternoon. I've learned some great sleep tips from doing a one day workshop with David Morawetz, a Sleep psychologist [...]

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