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I’m Lucy, a Counsellor and Writer of two self-published novellas and a short story. I am currently in the process of writing a non-fiction book about career guidance and coaching in the context of holistic spiritual and mental health well-being.

Would You Like to Change A Habit?

Courtesy of 5chw4r7z Was there ever a time you wanted to change a habit? Maybe lose some weight or increase your fitness level? Well, Charles Duhigg, reporter and author of 'The Power of Habit' did just that. I watched his three-minute video about how to change habits, and he gave his own personal story. Firstly, [...]

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Anxiety and Performance

Courtesy of Urban-Chill I know that when I'm anxious about performing in front of others, I freeze or struggle at times. My chest tightens, my heart races and my mind ruminates about every possible thing that can go wrong. It's part of my 'worrier' personality, so I tend to over-think things at times. However, it's [...]

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Reduce Stress By Journalling

Courtesy of sincerely kellyy Whenever I feel stressed or anxious about a challenge, I find that writing in a journal helps to clarify my thoughts and emotions. I write at the very moment I'm in the stressed-out stage so that I can accurately write about my real feelings. What the journalling does is help me [...]

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Health and Wellness Coaching

(Image courtesy of IOMRH) I recently completed training as a Health and Wellness Coach and would like to give you an overview of how coaching works.  I'd also like to distinguish between coaching and counselling, as there are similarities but also differences.  This blog post will give you a brief summary of how coaching works. [...]

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The Power of Full Engagement

Courtesy of I recently watched a nine-minute video by Brian Johnson who teaches people optimal living by reading books and pulling out the big ideas. He runs programs and presented his ideas for an interesting book entitled 'The Power of Full Engagement' written by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. The purpose of today's blog [...]

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Managing Change

Courtesy of Sheltercrow Personally, change can be hard for me. Initially, change can be challenging as I like to know what I'm doing and where I am. When my world changes, it creates a sense of insecurity and unpredictability, and I like to avoid it. I know I can't. Change is inevitable, and you can't [...]

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Are You Having Mixed Feelings (Decisions)?

Image courtesy of Phillip Keefe Ambivalence is a term that means having 'mixed feelings' or feeling torn between different sides of a situation. There's a deeper part of you that may be frightened of change, but another part of you knows that it may be a necessary change that will help you grow on a [...]

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Draw Meaning From Suffering

Courtesy by Michael Vesia I watched the program, Sunday Night which featured a story about a young woman who was run down by the so-called terrorist Truck Driver in Nice, France at the parade on Bastille Day on the 14th July 2016. More than 80 people died, and some appear to be missing. A resilient [...]

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Journal Yourself to Wellness.

(Image Courtesy of ainjhel21) My experiences with a journal include reflecting on daily events in a diary notebook (reflective journal), listing at least three things I'm grateful for at the end of the day (gratitude journal) and recording my dreams (dream journal). What is a Journal? A journal is a record of your thoughts, feeling, [...]

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The Power of Positive Emotions

Courtesy of Positively Present Are you a positive person, always looking at things optimistically or are you more of a pessimist, always looking at things negatively? I know that I tend to have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts, and a one-off positivity ratio test (to be explained further down below), showed that I had [...]

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