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About Lucy Appadoo

I’m Lucy, a Counsellor and Writer of two self-published novellas and a short story. I am currently in the process of writing a non-fiction book about career guidance and coaching in the context of holistic spiritual and mental health well-being.

Go With The Unconscious Flow & Be Creative

Courtesy of animateHer Can you be both pleasure-seeking and purpose-seeking? Yes! You can use strategies that use both simultaneously, and that's called Creativity. Creativity is something you do that challenges you and allows you to learn even when something is familiar to you. It's about creating something new that reduces stress and gives you a [...]

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How Your Passion Creates Well-Being

Courtesy of The Wolf Album First and foremost, I enjoy helping others, connecting with others, and offering wisdom and guidance. How can you create your own well-being? It's about following your own passion to create your ideal self. If you list how this passion rewards you, and outline what your passion allows you to do, [...]

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How to Create Wellness

Courtesy of agleam My author branding and work as a counselor/coach are a part of my wellness in life. First and foremost, I enjoy helping others, connecting with others, and offering wisdom and guidance. I like to inspire, educate, and entertain through my work as a fiction and non-fiction writer. I love to help and guide [...]

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Love a Healing Thrill?

  Courtesy of P.Medina What is it about reading or watching thrillers that gets the adrenaline going? Why do thrillers intrigue so many readers? It may have something to do with the human need to solve problems and to see good combat evil. It’s about the ‘rush’ you feel when a puzzle is solved. Having [...]

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What’s Your Anxiety Trigger?

  Courtesy of alshepmcr Anxiety Triggers What do I mean by triggers when it comes to anxiety? A trigger is an experience that makes your anxiety worse or more widespread. It brings out the anxiety. For instance, seeing a man that reminds you of an aggressive bully or a particular scent that reminds you of [...]

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Dream, Appreciate, Inspire, Take Action

Courtesy of Kymberlee dell Luce Dream, Appreciate, Inspire, and Take Action Appreciative Enquiry is a model that motivates or inspires change. The model focuses on the best in a person or experience. It was developed in the 1980s for organisations by David Cooperrider and colleagues in Ohio, USA. Appreciative enquiry allows you to acknowledge strengths [...]

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Inspiring Change

  Courtesy of Bradi You might be one of many people living in a way that doesn’t make you feel satisfied. You might crave for more meaning and substance in your life but don’t know where to start. More specifically, you might be at a stage in your life when you think about what more [...]

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The Secret Sauce to Happiness

Courtesy of jaywillis1 Routine and day to day tasks are habitual and can become mundane. Life can become stale, filled with boredom and monotony. You wonder what you have to look forward to when everything is the same. Life can be different. New research in happiness shows that our current circumstances can have a routine [...]

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Meditate Your Stress Away

  Courtesy of Q8TiLiCiOuS Meditation is a process whereby you sit in a quiet place and still the mind with an anchor such as breathing or a mantra (e.g. ‘OM’). It is a way to manage stress and is also used for relaxation purposes. Meditation can be intimidating for those who feel they can’t sit [...]

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Don’t Worry Your LIfe Away

Courtesy of Shannon4462 When you are under stress, you tend to worry and ruminate about things that may be out of your control. Worrying is about regurgitating thoughts over in your mind and obsessing over there being a negative result. You envision all the bad things that can go wrong, and in turn, this reduces [...]

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