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We all have dreams and goals; some harder to achieve than others.

Obstacles can prevent us from persisting, but personal strengths can result in the achievement of those dreams and goals.

Having a vision means something in your life is important, and in spite of your fears or low self-confidence, you stay focused on what’s important to keep you persisting with that vision. What is your ideal life? What is missing in your life? How can you be true to yourself?

I wanted to be an Author some years ago, and I had one chance with a Canadian Publisher who later closed down due to bankruptcy. I missed out on my chance back then, but I re-ignited my passion back in January 2015.

I was reading a fiction novel on my iPad, having recently discovered iBooks and how to download digital books. I thought to myself, ‘Why can’t I get something published on the iPad or digitally? How hard can it be?”

So I had my vision/passion, which was to become a self-published author and sought out strategies to make that vision happen.

Based on a Wellness Coaching format, I had my VISION then the next step was to create both thinking goals and behavioural goals to get started towards my dream.

Thinking Goals:

I considered my action steps.

I thought about my strengths such as determination, persistence, love of learning, and thought-challenging.

I thought about my obstacles including fear of failure, increasing vulnerability and personal exposure, time, and financial concerns. However, I worked through these challenges by using my strengths to carry me through to my vision.

Behavioural Goals:

I scanned my past writing pieces and edited one piece of work.

I researched writing tools.

I researched a lot about how to self-publish and what was required.

I explored and made contact with contractors such as Editors, Formatters, Distributors, and Cover Designers.

I worked hard on my first novella and sought out an Editor, Cover Designer, and Formatter.

I learned how to upload a book on Amazon and with a Distributor.

I paid a Distributor (Bookbaby) to display my book to all their online retailers. However, I now use a different Distributor (Draft 2 Digital) as I don’t need to pay them, but they get a percentage of my book sales.

I self-published my first novella, Crystal Light in July 2015. I had finally achieved my dream.

I have learned a lot since then, and my writing has improved in leaps and bounds due to the ongoing practice of my craft and advice of Editors.

To conclude, I managed to achieve my VISION in spite of my fears and low self-confidence. My strengths carried me through, so I was able to take action steps (in gradual form) to finally achieve my dream.


What is it you’d like to achieve in the future? What’s important to you in any area of your life?

Think of your ideal self and vision and please leave a comment below.